The Homestead Resort

On the road again… literally.  Earlier this month, the fam and I were off on a quick trip to the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA for a work event for the hubs.  Hot Springs isn’t terribly far from home but the drive is forest-lined and deer-filled.  When we finally arrived at the resort, the building was impressive to say the least.  The resort is celebrating its 250th birthday this year and that alone is quite the feat.  Many famous guests including over twenty presidents have visited the resort over the years and I always enjoy visiting places the kid would refer to as “swanky.”  The Homestead fit the bill.

So let’s see, some tidbits.  The original resort burnt down in the early 1900s after a fire in the bakery.  The main lobby was rebuilt in 1903 and the resort has been expanded over the course of time.  The sprawling nature of the resort isn’t really evident until you arrive on-site and begin to trek to the different amenities such as the indoor pool, spa, on-site waterpark, even the famous Jefferson Pools.  Funny thing about the Jefferson Pools, these are the bathhouses that feature the natural mineral springs that flow through the area. Definitely wanting to see what that was all about, it was super odd to me to find out that they are actually in Warm Springs, a nearby city, not on the resort grounds even though they are a part of the Homestead Resort officially.  Weird.  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling like an adventure and since they turn into clothing optional locations in the early afternoon, I’m not too sure the kid (or I) would’ve enjoyed the entertainment.

Moving right along, the weather was fantastic on our arrival day.  Of course, waking up the next morning meant 60 degrees and rain.  Not a day for the waterpark activities which was a big bummer.  The indoor pool, which is spring fed, provided a nice place to spend the morning though so all was not lost.  We also discovered that the resort has great room service, which is always a plus.  Day two meant 50 degrees (in August?!?) and while there was no rain, that was way too nippy for my taste.  The kid and I spent some time enjoying the Great Hall (the main lobby) and all of its architectural features.  It is amazing to see the details in these old buildings and to think about the craftsmanship and time that must have gone into creating these masterpieces.

In the winter, the resort offers ice-skating and skiing although I can’t imagine braving those mountain roads to get to the resort in bad weather.  No thanks.  I wouldn’t mind visiting again in the spring when I’m sure everything is in fresh bloom or the summer when we can enjoy the outdoor recreation more.  All-in-all, a great getaway that felt like stepping back in time… and with no free wi-fi, that did feel like plunging into the past.

‘Til next time!

The rear of the resort toward the indoor pool and spa facility.

The rear of the resort toward the indoor pool and spa facility.

2016-08-07 16.37.17

Ceiling of the Great Hall


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