About me

I admit it.  I’m the Type A Travel Mom.  I love to travel, mostly in the United States, but I wouldn’t turn down an international getaway.  Happily married for over two decades with an only child, we like to hit the road any chance we get.

Why Type A?  If you ever met me in person, you’d figure that one out pretty quick.  I’m one of the most organized and spastic people you’ll ever run across but man, I’m so much fun.  My husband just loves it when I say “Hey, I’ve got an idea!  Let’s go…”  He just never knows what might come next but we always have a blast.  Before I jump in the car, the plane, the boat, whatever, I will have the itinerary all planned out, local restaurants selected, transportation confirmed, hotels double checked, and bags perfectly stocked.

Where have I been?  Well, I am a Disney World fanatic so that’s my first love.  I love Disney so much that I own my own business as a travel planner specializing in Disney Destinations.  (Check me out!)  Disney World, Disney Cruises (so far the Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, and the Caribbean), pretty much anything Disney. I also love working on trips to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean as well as Royal Caribbean cruises.

I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia so I’m spoiled by breathtaking scenery every day.  Living in Virginia gives me access to fabulous East Coast beaches like the Outer Banks and Brunswick Islands in North Carolina, so those would tie as my second favorite place to visit.  In 2013, I traveled to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons and found out that I am a National Park lover so I hope to do more visiting there in the future.

Despite living in Virginia my entire life, I have recently discovered that there is an abundance of Civil War history right in my backyard.  Visiting the historical sites here and in the neighboring states is fast becoming a fun new hobby.  The closeness of our nation’s capital makes for great weekend getaways and I often take advantage of a day trip or overnight to take in the sights.

Where to next?  Keep your eyes on the blog.  How can you be like me?  It’s hard work baby!

Happy trails!



To contact me, fill out the info below!  I’ll do my best to respond to all questions, comments, and feedback.


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