Disneyland’s 60th celebration!

It was back to the West Coast over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th birthday!  The Diamond celebration began last year and I knew that I had to get to Cali to enjoy the festivities in person.

I really thought that I was in for it to be traveling to a place like Disneyland over a holiday weekend.  I was expecting high crowds and balmy temperatures based on my experience with Walt Disney World.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The weather was lovely, upper 70s each day and somewhat overcast (my first trip with no sunburn!!)  It was only crowded on our last day in the parks but we had overlapped Grad Night celebrations for local schools.  Even still, the crowds didn’t touch what we have experienced on our prior Florida trips.  We basically walked on most rides with the longest waits being maybe 20 minutes.  We did use FastPasses (paper FastPasses!) so that helped with Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours, and Radiator Springs Racers but other than that, you didn’t need them.

Our first memorable experience for the trip was getting stuck on top of the biggest hill on California Screamin’, a coaster in Disney’s California Adventure park.  We were climbing the big hill and all of the sudden, the train stopped.  I knew that was not good.  After a bit of a delay, Cast Members came running up the stairs (panting all the way up the 120 feet) to tell us what was going on and to help us out.  Out, as in out of the train!  We had to be released from our harnesses and then walk down the steps back to the park.  At first, there was a bit of freaking out but we did get some great pictures though.  Turns out some younger park-goers somehow missed all of the signs that selfie sticks weren’t allowed in the parks.  While climbing said hill, they felt the need to extend the stick to take that all important selfie and Disney shut the ride down.  At least the stick was confiscated but I think they should’ve taken them out back and…

California Screamin'

California Screamin’

So let’s see, what else.  We went on the ‘Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps’ Tour in Disneyland park and all I can say is ‘WOW.’  It was amazing.  In each land, the guide played clips for us of Walt’s dedication speech for that particular section of the park.  You could really feel Walt’s vision throughout park and this was an excellent experience for all of us.  I would consider this a must-do tour for any Disneyphile.  The tour ended with a visit to the Disneyland Dream Suite — the suite you could win a night in during the ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ promotion a few years back.  Talk about swanky.  No pictures were allowed but it was amazing.  They really went all out for this suite with two bedrooms, a parlor, a secluded outdoor patio, a to-die-for bathroom, and a second outdoor patio overlooking New Orleans Square.  I could have spent all day on that patio just watching the guests go by.

Disneyland Dream Suite

Disneyland Dream Suite

We watched the stunning ‘Paint the Night’ parade in Disneyland followed by the ‘Disneyland Forever’ fireworks.  That parade is the best parade I’ve seen on both coasts.  Very energetic and keeps you in the spirit from beginning to end.

Lumiere during Paint the Night

Lumiere during Paint the Night

On our last trip, we saw some of the ‘World of Color’ nighttime show in California Adventure but didn’t see it up close.  This time around, I decided to purchase tickets to a brand new dessert party offering (I love my desserts) that included seating right at the water for the show.  Our table was perfect and the view, ah-mazing!

World of Color

World of Color

Another super trip and I honestly cannot wait to step foot back into Walt’s magical place.  Once there, I’ll be taking another ‘spin’ on these babies…

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party

Where to next?  Wait and see!


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